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Around Town with Chicago Jazz (Episode 036) features an interview with Jim Gailloreto, from the Chicago Metropolitan Jazz Octet, along with vocalist Paul Marinaro discussing their new project "The Bowie Project".


The recording which is coming out on Origin Records and is a reinvention of the music of the iconic artists David Bowie. Mike Jeffers talks with them about how the project was conceived to the final product.

Chicago Tribune

Released by Origin Records, their Bowie homage reinterprets many of the singer’s classic songs, including “Let’ Dance,” “Changes,” and “Space Oddity,” into fluid, fully orchestrated jazz pieces—honoring Bowie’s lyrics and melodic/harmonic complexity while using the octet palette to paint with intimate, nuanced colors.  


Origin Records, a Seattle-based jazz label, calls The Bowie Project an inspired tribute to the durability and pure magic of David Bowie’s songwriting legacy.

Chicago Tribune
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