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The Bowie Project album cover
The Bowie Project


The Bowie Project live with Paul Marinaro

All About Jazz

Marinaro's voice, sometimes brash, sometimes tender, fuses a saxophone's fluidity and a trumpet's brassy edge, in a lineage that goes back to Sinatra and Bennett. He sings with a bassist's sure sense of time. He phrases in ways that serve the melodic line as well as the words within: an interpretative nuance can speak whole sagas. What's more, Marinaro qualifies as a true musician, more than "just a singer"; in the words of the octet's co-founder John Kornegay, "He understands his place in the totality" of each arrangement. Marinaro hears himself as another part of this verdant octet, rather than the centerpiece out front. 

Jazz Views

Having recently pondered the ways in which Bowie’s music related to jazz, it was a pleasure to receive this CD to review. Immediately, you are struck by the mixture of songs that the octet has chosen. There are, of course, well known tunes such as ‘Changes’ , ‘Let’s dance’ , ‘Life on Mars’, but also a host of tracks from albums across Bowie’s career. This suggests to me that this is clearly a project developed by people with a deep knowledge and love of Bowie’s music.

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